"My Son Is A Cult Leader!" V2 Tee


  • Image of "My Son Is A Cult Leader!" V2 Tee
  • Image of "My Son Is A Cult Leader!" V2 Tee

If You've Been With Us From The Start, You Know That The Original Version Of This Graphic Tee Was A Garment That MADE SOME FUCKING NOISE In The Underground. But Then Again, When DON'T We Make Noise Within This Industry? Yup, That's Right! Now You Can Publicly Claim That You Raised One Of The Most Infamous Fucked Up Fuck-Faces To Ever Walk On Earth, While Also Belittling Any Conservative Parent's Offspring. (PSSSSSST!.. i'm gonna let you in on a little secret... conservatives tend to be abortions that got lucky...) Make Us Proud And Stir Up A Ruckus At Your Local Wal-Mart With Any Karen In Sight! After All, This Heavyweight 7.5 Oz. Tee Is One Hell Of A "Conversation Piece" For A Reason!
(Please Allow 2-3 Weeks For Production)

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